Winner of the University of Iowa Press 2014 John Simmons Short Fiction Prize!

"Kathleen Founds is a luminous, bright, subversive and very funny writer.  What I especially love about her work is the sense that her strange and wonderful talent is always working in the service of a deeply humane and hopeful vision of the world."


~ George Saunders

"With the antic fearlessness of Mark Leyner and the compassion and inventiveness of Karen Russell, Kathleen Founds takes mad risks in tone and form and wins.  These hilarious, heartbreaking stories build a new architecture between the novel and the postmodern parable, revising our notions of what the short story is and might be."


~ Wells Tower

"Kathleen Founds is a comic genius, and few comic writers can deliver such wisdom and pathos along with the laughs.  Her characters are unforgettable, in part because they are so original, and in part because they so poignantly resemble ourselves.  Hers is a voice that will resonate long after you've stopped laughing."

~ Mary Caponegro

"I first encountered these mystical animals when Kathleen Founds was in my writing class many years ago.  I approached them with my pencil gripped firmly in hand, ready to analyze and criticize.  The next things I knew, I was doodling in the margins of her story, actually drawing hearts and flowers all over it.  I couldn't stop myself!  I still don't know what happened; it was a very mystical and magical attack!  All I can say is read this book and let it happen to you!"


~ Mary Gaitskill

"When Mystical Creatures Attack! is a collection of stories that reads like a dazzling, intricate, and electric novel.  Kathleen Founds shows a true empathy towards these memorable characters, and I felt incredibly attached to them.  Founds is a wonderful new talent, and her prose and voice are incredibly charming, witty, and stirringly graceful."


~ Tom Kealey, Thieves I've Known

"A surreal, dark and very funny collection that has the emotional punch of a novel."


~ Kirkus Reviews

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