A New York Times Notable Book!

"Kathleen Founds is a luminous, bright, subversive and very funny writer.  What I especially love about her work is the sense that her strange and wonderful talent is always working in the service of a deeply humane and hopeful vision of the world."      ~ George Saunders

"This dark, rich little novel in stories shows Founds as a talented moralist of nearly Russian ferocity."  ~ The New York Times

 Bipolar Bear & the Labyrinth of Health Insurance Claims is a graphic novel about a bipolar bear named Theodore who calls the number on his insurance card and drops into the cold, dank, labyrinth of health insurance claims. There, he confronts man-eating flowers . . .







. . . and a rapacious feline insurance executive named Baroness Von Stinkleshanks.







. . . customer service snakes . . .




Theodore soon lands in debtor’s prison, where he is tasked with shoveling subversive literature into the prison furnace.





Theodore meets his fellow debtors: a turtle with a foreclosed shell reduced to living in an old army helmet, a mother rabbit whose health insurance doesn't cover birth control, and an owl with a degree in Victorian literature and crushing student debt.

An existential awakening inspires Theodore to a lead a prison break, organize a utopian commune, and fight for social reform. When depression and mania continue to stalk him and the bureaucracy doesn't budge, Theodore must ask himself: What is the point of fighting for justice if justice never comes? What is the point of a healing journey if the sickness always comes back?




Sound like your kind of book? Sweet. I just need to real quick convince the book industry that there is a deep untapped market for fictional graphic novels about existential despair and the health insurance industry told via childlike drawings of forest creatures.

In the meantime, if you find yourself mired in the slough of despond, lost in the labyrinth of health insurance claims, or bound by the shackles of crushing debt, take heart! You are not alone.

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